Hemp Vs Traditional Materials

Each time I research the uses of hemp, I am astounded by what I find. It truly is amazing what hemp can be used in replacement of. The global benefits of making the hemp products are just as incredible.

Here are some of my favourite comparisons:

Hemp fibres vsĀ cotton

  • Hemp requires half the amount of land that cotton does to produce the same about of fibre
  • Cotton requires a large amount of pesticide and herbicide whereas hemp requires none
  • Cotton pollutes the water and leave soil scorched whereas hemp nourishes soil which can be reused over and over
  • Hemp fibre is 4 x more durable than cotton
  • Although cotton is natural and a much better alternative to synthetic fibres, hemp is much more sustainable

Palms used for cordage & fibers, vintage hand colored botanical engraving by William Rhind:

Hemp biodiesal vs diesel

  • Diesel creates 2.68kg of CO2 into the atmosphere per litre, whereas biodiesel creates a drastically reduced amount of 0.59kg per litre
  • If hemp biodiesel was to become an established industry, it is estimated to cost 20c per litre. The average Australian price for diesel in the past year is 102.1c per litre.

Hemp as a BioDiesel? Check out the link to learn more:  hemphelps.org/blogs/news:

Hemp plastic vs polypropylene plastic

  • Hemp plastic is can be manufactured to be 100% biodegradable whereas regular polypropylene plastic simply is not
  • Hemp plastic can be manufactured to be 5 times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger than regular polypropylene plastic

Everything plastic can be made from hemp.  Hemp plastic can completely replace oil based plastic materials that we are using today that contain large amounts of dangerous chemicals such as the very well known Bisphenol A. If all our plastics were made from hemp material you could literally purchase something that came in a plastic hemp container and then throw that container directly into the compost, as hemp plastics are completely biodegradable.:

Hemp building materials vs common building materials

  • Building materials made of hemp are incredibly more durable. They are fire resistant, insect resistant, infrangible and waterproof
  • Building materials made of hemp are estimated to last for centuries more than common modern houses

Hempcrete: The Astounding Benefits of Using Hemp to Build Homes | The Galactic Free Press:

What cool ways do you use or aim to use hemp products in you life?

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