Can Hemp Tackle Anxiety?

Although hemp is now breaking through as a come-back industry around the world, it is surrounded by so much misconception. There are many benefits of hemp, wither it be used to manufacture fibres for clothing, building materials or even for diet. But here’s an interesting thought… could hemp be used to diminish the affects of anxiety?

The common misconception surrounding the idea of using hemp is that it is an illegal drug. Although it comes from the cannabis plant, hemp has no to very little levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the component that is still illegal in many parts of the world.  However, hemp usually contains less than, 1.5% THC, making it absolutely pointless to smoke or digest with intentions of getting high.

What hemp does contain, when pressed into oil, is CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is what has shown to have health benefits such as reducing nausea and anxiety. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic properties. It even has the ability to lower levels of depression. The CBD content is 10 mg/kg of hemp seed oil. It doesn’t sound like much, but even this amount of CBD in hemp seed oil is beneficial for the human body in so many ways.

We are now able to access hemp seed oil around the globe. It is mostly known for its high content of essential fatty acids.  But this knowledge about CBD brings hemp into a new light. What do you think? Have you used hemp seed oil to address anxiety? Would you give it a go?

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