Who are we saving?

What would the world be like if we all used hemp products?

Let me take you on a magical journey through time and space… a break from all the serious stuff. Let’s pretend for just a moment that the world is just like this:

You wake up one morning blinking your eyes open and stretching from each corner of the bed. There is appreciation for the comfortable fabrics that you rest on made of the finest combination of soft naturally treated fibres. You slip on your silky morning gown, feeling sexy you find comfort knowing it is also naturally sourced from the earth and ethically made.  Making your way to the kitchen, you find bliss in the morning light finding its way in and rest at the table with a delicious bowl of nutrient, mineral and protein rich plant based breakfast. You reach for your eco-friendly made note pad and begin to dot down your to-dos, day plan, gratitudes or just thoughts for the day, knowing that whether it be a productive day or a rest day, it will be great. It’s time to take a shower. Using your naturally produced soaps and after moisturizer, you then put on something that will suit the day’s activities, whatever they will be, knowing yet again that the fibres are produced naturally, ethically and for ultimate comfort. You lock up your eco-friendly house, made of naturally processed brick knowing it will be perfectly insulated for your return. Aaaaaah , you step outside and although your house is on an open street, you take a breath of fresh non-polluted air. The entire street is powered by solar energy, cars use bio-oil fuel and all plastics and products are made of hemp fibres and other naturally processed plants in an eco-friendly and ethically acceptable way. People are happy, raising the vibration of the planet and connecting it as one.

Now… I’m not sure about what you think and feel, but the statement ‘save the planet’ seems impossible and it’s, quite frankly, inaccurate. I am, by all means, a huge believer of the above fantasy; a huge advocate for making changes in our world to save the planet. But what we tree hugging hippies don’t think about sometimes is that the planet actually does not need saving. I am by no means disregarding the science of global warming and it’s affects of the planet. What I am trying to say is that we forget how powerful the planet is; much more powerful than us human are, that’s for sure. If the planet doesn’t like what we are doing to it, in simple terms, it will just wipe us out and start again. In some ways, that’s what it is doing right now. So really what we should be saying is ‘save ourselves’ or ‘beat the planet’… not quite as appealing, is it?

However, I believe that we can save ourselves. Bit by bit, the world is making changes to beat the planet.

For example, Obama’s Paris Agreement designed to tackle climate change as a world initiative has passed approval after the required 55 countries joined by September 2016 and is now taking force to be fully implemented by 2020. Among those 55 countries, is China, being responsible for 40% of global emissions.

2017 can be an extraordinary year for change. As less powerful people of the planet, we can individually think about what we can do too. We are capable of making conscious and educated choices. Just by reading a blog like this, you are doing exactly that.

So what changes will you make in 2017 to beat the planet?

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