Do you Care what your Clothes are Made of?

Being an advocate for eco-friendly clothing, I can honestly say that I love the idea, but I don’t practise as I preach. This brings me to think, “Well if I’m not following through with my belief, then what are others doing?”

When I speak of eco-friendly clothing, I am referring to clothing that is made of natural, organic fibres that have come from sustainable plants and processed ethically into clothing. Now that sounds almost impossible. As a society, we are faced with mass advertisement telling us what is fashionable and sacrificing price for quality or, worse, ethics. To me, the ideal clothing would be something fashionable, comfortable, natural, sustainable, ethically made, reasonably priced and… ummm available?  Shouldn’t this be the norm?

It often feels easier to purchase cheap clothing knowing that next year, next season or even next month, something more fashionable will be available to replace it. According to Sustainability in Fashion Fact Book, 2015, these days, “400% more clothing is purchased than it used to be done 20 years ago.”  So how much clothing is just waste and goes to landfill? Well to give you a vague idea, in the UK, an estimated 350 000 tonnes (350 million kg) of used clothing goes to landfill every year (WRAP 2012). Additionally, American consumers send 10.5 million tonnes (10500 million kg) of clothing to landfills every year (Cline 2014).

It’s not all doom and gloom. Many popular fast-fashion designers and brands are making small changes each year. For example, in 2016, Stella McCartney, H&M, Eileen Fisher, Zara, and Marks & Spencer pledged to eliminate using endangered forests for their fabrics by 2017 under the Canopy Style initiative. The more that these popular brands around the world acknowledge the need for change, the more aware people become. The more aware people are, better choices are made when purchasing. And who knows… maybe we could create a future of eco-friendly clothing.

So tell me, why don’t you purchase eco-friendly clothing?

Complete the 3 question survey in less than 1 minute.

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