How can we simply simplify our lives?

We all have that one jumper, pair of jeans, dress or shirt that we love so much and never want to let go of. I mean, why should we? It’s perfect. It’s lasted so long, it’s comfortable and it looks good no matter what mood you’re in.

Imagine if each piece of clothing in your wardrobe had the same importance. Each purchase was so well thought out and each garment was so loved that you simply don’t need that many items after all.

Now imagine that each person in the world had the same mentality. What would that do to the fast growing fashion industry that results in mass landfill? What would it do for our general happiness and for the planet?

One simple way we can simplify our lives, in this sense, and find that same joy in each item in our wardrobes, is by recycling our clothes ourselves. These days, applications like Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram make it so easy to find inspiring crafty ideas to recycle our old clothes. This mentality of home crafting seems to have been lost with the change in society’s mentality for a fast, cheap and detached lifestyle.

Here are some simple examples:

Maybe recycling clothes ourselves could be one step towards living happier and healthier lives?

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