How to ‘clean’ your wardrobe: 6 simple steps for a beginner to ethical fashion

Eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion and ethical fashion, all mean the same thing or as Greta Eagan puts it in her book ‘Wear no Evil,’ considered fashion. She explains that considered fashion is when a number of ethical variables are considered throughout the fashion processes, including: production, materials, people and planet. 

 It can sometimes be overwhelming and unbelievable to think that the world has been allowed to come so far without being conscious about fashion, considering the damage the fashion industry, capitalism and consumerism has caused. Perhaps you have already made the choice to make your wardrobe more ethical or you are eager to start, either way here are some simple tips you can follow.
1. Look for sustainable clothing stores in your area

2. Recycle your old clothing 

3. Think carefully before you purchase an item of clothing. Ask yourself, do I really need this and will I wear it multiple times over? 

4. Aim for quality over quantity, even if it’s more pricy, it will last longer

5. Read the label! Have natural fibres such as organic cotton, silk and hemp been used? Have recycled fibres been used? Has it used low-impact dies? Was it made locally? Better yet, does the item have some sort of stamp of approval from a fair trade organisation? 

6. Shop at second hand retro/vintage stores and look for upcycled garments (second hand clothes that have been transformed into a new fashionable design). 
Of course, it may seem difficult when starting to transform your wardrobe, but once you start following these simple ideas, it will become the norm for you. Even introducing one of these tips into your wardrobe is a step in the right direction and totally worth it for the planet we call home.

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