What is TENCEL?

Tencel (or Lyocell) is a natural wood-based fibre that comes from responsibly grown trees (eucalyptus trees). The trees are grown mostly with rain water and in the final year of growth, no pesticides are used. No chemicals are added throughout the entire manufacturing process. The trees are simply turned into wood chips, which are turned into pulp (with water that is the recycled and used over and over again), which is turned into fibre. Tencel fibre was even awarded the ‘European Award for the Environment’ by the European union. It can be blended with many other fibres enabling them to become smooth and strong. Tencel fibres are highly moister absorbent, making them super hygienic and antibacterial (great for sportswear). They are gentle on the skin for sensitive skin types too.

So where do we find clothing made of this miracle secret stuff?

Believe it or not, Tencel is already used by well known labels and sustainable clothing brands. For example, Patagonia use Tencel in combination with cotton for a number of their products. Likewise, Tencel is used by online sustainable brands such as Nau and Nordstorm. Even Next , H&M, Gap and French Connection have a Tencel line.

Maybe Tencel is the fibre of the future. In my opinion, it get’s the eco-friendly badge as long as Tencel plantations are not a result of mass land clearing. It is difficult find where Tencel is mostly sourced from and where is is grown. This leads me to remain undecided… yet hopeful and optimistic!

What to you think? What do you know about Tencel? Feel free to comment 🙂


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