Trump thinks Paris Agreement is ‘unfair’ for Americans

Do you remember when you were a child, when you would eye your brother or sister’s scoop of ice cream to ensure it was never bigger than yours in case of ‘unfair’ treatment by your parents? Those were the days when we learnt the very simple ideology of fairness. Now that we’re ‘grown up,’ fairness has its own complexities driven by the differentiating ethical values of diverse people around the world. Somehow, the term has worked its way to the top of corporate interest and somehow it’s the people at the top who get to decide what’s ‘fair.’ 

Yesterday Trump’s speech about pulling out of the Paris Agreement to be replaced with a ‘fairer’ alternative agreement so that Americans are not ‘disadvantaged’ in comparison to other countries around the world who have also agreed, made its way to social media and in turn, to be scrutinized. 

Unfortunately, it seems, Trump did not learn those crucial childhood lessons about fairness. 

Obama nobly entered the Paris Agreement in 2015 promising that USA would deduce carbon emissions by 26-28% by 2025. Indeed, it was an ambitious yet admirable promise, joining over 50 other countries with the same vision for our planet… the thing that we all live on regardless of culture, religion, beliefs or circumstance… the think that only continues to provide for us if we actually take care of it… the thing that will stop providing for us if we do not take drastic measures like the promise the the Paris Agreement aims to fulfill. 

However, Trump seems to believe that the Planet will simply negotiate a fair trade off, as if it where a business deal. 

At the time of the agreement in 2015, USA was the second largest contributor of the world’s carbon emissions. Trump’s argument that the Paris Agreement unfairly puts American tax payers out of work and business is simply a BS call. For the sake of the Planet, which is currently soaking in global carbon emissions, would you really determine it as unfair? Is it really unfair to change the dynamics of employment in your country so that the future generations of your country can actually have a shot on this planet? 

Yes, Trump is correct that certain sectors of industry will suffer in the SHORT TERM, but to not make this transition would be ignorant towards the needs of our planet. It is also very possible to offset some of these industrial down turns with extra investment in renewable energy. For a businessman, Trump really seems to lack innovation for his country. 

The Paris Agreement was made as a drastic measure that all countries need to take in order to address the global issue of climate change, a very real and evident crisis the world faces.

It remains to be seen what president Trump intends to do with climate change action after this latest decision but can it really be in our planets best interest? Sadly, I don’t think so. 

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