ActiveLite running jacket by Ronhill is ‘Fair Wear’ Approved

Last weekend I challenged myself with a 10km trail run as part of the Keswick Mountain Festival. Never having actually done a trail race nor actually been to Cumbria, my boyfriend and I made the 5 hour escape from London to enjoy some outdoor camping and activity. Not realising that winds would reach 90mph (about 145 kph) that Saturday night … I stood shivering in my running T-shirt on race day wondering how I got my outfit so wrong. Since becoming more ethically conscious of my clothing choices, I hadn’t exactly invested in any new running clothes. For obvious reasons, most running clothes are made of non-sustainable synthetic fabrics and in non-ethical garment factories.

That’s when my boyfriend kindly threw me his jacket! “Here, wear this!”  It was his wind proof running jacked. “Don’t worry,” he reassured, “it’s got that fair label you like.”

Intrigued, I slipped into the jacket making a mental note to research later.

The race was amazing. In all honesty, I couldn’t call it much of a race; I was enjoying the views and the atmosphere too much for that. But I can guarantee that the jacket was a God send when I was running across those hill ridges with 50mph (about 80 kph) winds.

It turns out that Ronhill, a running gear brand, is part of Outdoor and Sports Company which uses only fair labour to manufacture and produce its products. OSC is aligned with the Fair Wear Foundation. FWF ensures its affiliated companies obey by the following code of labour throughout its supply chain:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • There is no discrimination in employment
  • No exploitation of child labour
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Payment of a living wage
  • No excessive working hours
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legally-binding employment relationship

The Fair Wear Foundation certifies so many brands and not just sports related ones.

What’s your random ethical find?


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