Product Review: FatFace Organic Cotton T-Shirt

I love this T! I bought it in the FatFace store in Keswick whilst waiting for my boyfriend to finish his half marathon.

Going into the store in general was a lovely experience. For someone who doesn’t actually enjoy shopping, I felt comfortable browsing and reassured of the quality of the products. The store was filled with quotes about sustainable clothing production, making it feel like they really support their cause.  Friendly staff were happy to converse with me about the products when I asked and happy to leave me alone when I wanted to browse.

I chose this T, I suppose, as a reminder of what’s to come. About to hit the European road and live the simple life from a van for three months, the print seemed like the perfect visual. The shirt is soft, comfortable and a great cut for my ‘non-supermodel’ shape. More importantly, it’s made of organic cotton, a natural fibre that has been produced without harmful chemicals.


FatFace is a company that prides themselves on designing stylish clothing at affordable prices. They pay attention to quality and their clothes are built to last. FaceFace sources responsibly around the world from suppliers who maintain their ethical and environmental values, which are based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code and SMETA environmental guidelines.

Safe to say, I’m very pleased with my purchase, even after having put it through the wash.

Do you live the FatFace way of life too? What are your favourite purchases? Comment below.

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