Can hemp clothes be fashionable?: 8 Hemp Products to Persuade you

Hemp is probably the most sustainable fibre clothing could possibly be made of. It can be blended with other natural fibres, particularly working well with organic cotton, and can be made into stylish garments. So why don’t we see hemp everywhere? If growing hemp doesn’t damage our planet and producing hemp clothing doesn’t pollute our planet, why isn’t it the fibre of choice? Although it was used for hundreds and thousands of years in some cultures, these days hemp is still illegal to grow and manufacture into fibre in some countries. Additionally, extra care needs to be taken in the manufacturing process of hemp. Working towards a soft fabric that doesn’t shrink when washed after being made into a garment, can take some time and investigating. In a capitalist world of consumerism, traditional methods of garment work and sustainable production are not valued as much as quick profit.

So are there any stylish hemp clothes out there at all?

Quite often, you can search for hemp clothing and come across some pretty interesting alternative styles. But that doesn’t quite suit the average person. So I’ve taken the liberty to search for you!

Here are 8 stylish hemp products to get you started. Enjoy!

Hemp/cotton blazer from Free People


Hemp/organic cotton T-shirt from Jungmaven


Water resistant cotton/hemp/recycled polyester jacket by Hempest


100% organic knitted hemp dress from Eco Habitude


Casual hemp/recycled polyester pants by Prana


Hemp sunglasses by Hemp Eyewear


100% Hemp Canvas dress by Jungmaven


Hemp/organic cotton beach pants by Patagonia



Make sure you check out what else these brands have in store for you. When hemp is mixed with other natural or recycled fibres, garments can become much more versatile. There are more brands out there who make use of this technique. All you have to do is sift through all the ‘in your face’ advertisement and learn to make more ethical choices about what you wear proudly.


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