Patagonia use hemp to make clothes 

Hemp is one of those things most people don’t know much about. The main controversy is its association with cannabis which is completely inaccurate. Although hemp has many uses, smoking it as a a drug in any way, is not one of them. This is one of the common misconceptions why hemp remains illegal to grow in many countries around the world. However, hemp farms can be monitored to ensure the THC level does not raise above 0.3%, keeping it  within legal guidelines and producing hemp that can be manufactured for its fibres for clothing. 

Patagonia, a global scale label who truly tries to build sustainable products that their consumers love, is a perfect example of how hemp fibres can be used to produce clothing. I recently walked into the Patagonia store in Chamonix and fell in love with some of them. Particularly when blended with organic cotton, the fabric has a comfortable, soft, lightweight, breathable feel about it. 

Here are some examples that are avaialable in most countries:

Patagonia get most of their hemp from China. Although China is known for exploitation in the garment factory industry, don’t let this discourage you. Patagonia also certifies many of their products with  the Fair Trade label. Their hemp products are safely made into garments in Sri Lanka. 

You can feel good about purchasing and proud to wear Patagonia’s hemp  products as they are made sustainably and ethically. 

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